Acoustic Designs Creates the Perfect Movie Haven in Your Arizona Home

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Acoustic Designs Creates the Perfect Movie Haven in Your Arizona Home 

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McINTOSH | MX170, MX123, & MC255

Experience movies in the comfort of home with the brilliance of 4K Ultra HD, the vividness of High Dynamic Range (HDR), and the immersiveness of 3D surround sound like never before with new McIntosh  A/V Processors and five-channel home theater amplifiers. Complete with the latest in home theater technology, they have everything needed to deliver a breathtaking audio and cinema experience.


Home Theater

Want a real theater experience in your home? We can create a dedicated private cinema in which the environment is precisely designed & engineered to provide maximum movie and music enjoyment. The room is isolated from outside noise with special acoustic treatments and audio is optimized with measured speaker placement. Cozy up on plush theater seating positioned specifically for the ultimate viewing experience of your big screen. Lighting is also controlled so when you press a single button, the lights dim and the show begins. Press pause and lights dim up so you can get more popcorn and soda.


At Acoustic Designs we are committed to innovation in our system designs, educating our employees and partnering with manufacturers that share our same commitment to quality and attention to detail.  

High Performance Audio & Automation.

 Attention to Detail & Clean Organization.

Complete Satisfaction & Confidence.

AUDIOQUEST | Rocket 88

Rocket 88 incorporates AudioQuest's patented Dielectric-Bias System (DBS) and replaces Long-Grain Copper with solid Perfect-Surface Copper+. DBS offers a low noise-floor, so you can hear deeper into the nuances of your favorite music. At the same time, the addition of more PSC+ offers a smoother, more relaxed, and natural sonic timbre and texture.

Available Lengths: 3ft - 25ft

AUDIOQUEST | Mackenzie

Solid conductors prevent both electrical and magnetic interaction strand-to-strand interaction, major sources of distortion. Surface quality is critical because a conductor can be considered as a rail-guide for both the fields within a conductor and for the magnetic fields that extend outside the conductor. The astonishingly smooth and pure surface of all AudioQuest's Perfect-Surface metals nearly eliminates harshness and greatly increases clarity compared to lesser material. 

JL AUDIO | Home Audio

Engineered and built to perform like no other

Every audio enthusiast's goal is to achieve effortless, articulate and dynamic bass that supports musical and cinematic presentations with equal aplomb. 

JL Audio powered subwoofers are designed and built to achieve unprecedented performance in all those areas with reasonably sized, beautifully crafted packages.  

S.A.E (scientific Audio Electronics) | 8300

This is a new member of the SAE family is an ultra-high performance 8 channel amplifier with 300 watts of fully differential, pure balanced, "push/pull" power per channel. 

Known throughout the world for its two-channel audiophile dominance, SAE's clean power, resolution, and clarity is now available for multi-channel theater environments and multi-zone high-end audio.


The Anthem AVM 60 has all the technology necessary to support a modern home theater system. It can function as a leading-edge 11.2 channel processor supporting Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. It is capable of HDMI video pass-through and handles the latest 4K UltraHD Blu-ray content including Dolby Vision. It features an updated Anthem Room Correction system, and with ARC Mobile, it is now easier to use than ever. Of course, the best thing is that the AVM 60 sounds amazing for both movies and music.


CinemaTech offers many of the popular options and features available in the marketplace, but we also have the added experience to help guide our clients through them carefully.

STEWART | Film Screen

Do you want the best viewing experience? Only Stewart can promise and deliver color uniformity no matter your viewing angle. Additionally, you can rest assured that the colors coming from your projector are not being altered by the screen.

SONY | Home Cinema Projectors 

Native 4K resolution for lifelike pictures

With more than four times the resolution of Full HD, native 4K offers 8.8 million pixels (4096 x 2160) for a picture that is incredibly lifelike, which is why it is the resolution defined by the DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative) for theater distribution. See corner-to-corner clarity and watch movies from much closer than you would in Full HD.


Our flagship CT800 range combines reference-quality power, clarity, and control with a design that allows each speaker to be custom-fitted into your dedicated home theater room. Once installed, the speakers are virtually invisible. What’s impossible to ignore is the sound. You’ll be experiencing everything from the roar of a jet engine to the creak of a staircase in extraordinarily life-like, three-dimensional detail.