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FAQ - Acoustic Design
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Do you have dedicated listening rooms?

Yes, we have (3) unique sound rooms plus a headphone studio for your live demo experience. We also have an extensive theater, game room, and great room for potential clients listening and viewing pleasure.

How many headphones do you have in your Headphone Studio?

On average we have 8-12 headphones in our lounge giving our clients plenty of time to listen before making a lifestyle purchase.

What products are in the dedicated listening rooms?

Each sound room is a unique listening experience with different products and capabilities but all have speakers, turntables, stereo, and acoustic wall treatment designed for the space.

Can I do a live demo in the dedicated listening rooms, game room, theater?

Our showroom and products are available for live demos.  To schedule please complete  this form

Are you new custom home builds only?

No, we are a full service audio, lighting, and shade automation serving new build clients, architects, interior designers, custom home builders, and clients remodeling or upgrading systems.

What does H3 stand for?

Hub Happy Hour!  Hosted twice a month….this is an opportunity to see automation of audio, lighting, and shade  while in our dedicated listening rooms. H3 is a great night to learn about the options at Acoustic Designs, ask questions, and determine what fits your lifestyle choices.

Are you open on the weekend?

As a professional firm our showroom hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 3:00pm and Saturday by appointment only.  We are closed on Sunday’s and major holidays.