The backyard of a well-lit home with a pool and landscape lighting.

Creating a Masterpiece with Landscape Lighting

Kendall Clark Landscape Lighting, Landscape Lighting Paradise Valley, AZ

Enhance Outdoor Living with Beautiful Lights

At Acoustic Designs Group, our elite lighting designers and expert audio, video, and automation integrators work together to enhance our clients’ lives. As winter turns to spring in Paradise Valley, AZ, many of our clients are optimizing their outdoor living to create an area of fun and relaxation. 

No matter your intentions, one outdoor element creates the perfect setting and extends the party or quiet contemplation long into the night—landscape lighting. Today, this lighting can set the ideal mood and enhance any activity. Let’s explore the possibilities of outdoor lighting.

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A man in the street wearing stylish headphones.

Wired vs. Wireless High-Performance Headphones: What’s the Difference?

Kendall Clark High Performance Headphones, High Performance Headphones Phoenix, AZ

Find Headphones That Suit Your Listening Style and Needs

Headphones are a staple in any music collection. They allow you to block out the rest of the world and fill your mind with beautiful, performance-quality sound. You can listen to your favorite artists and focus only on the crisp vocals and instrumentals of all frequencies. 

If you want to purchase new high-performance headphones, you’ve got two types to choose from: wired and wireless. Wireless headphones have surged in popularity in recent years, but many still choose to go with classic wired headphones. One isn’t necessarily better than the other—each has their pros and cons. Keep reading to see a breakdown of the difference between the two and where you can try some out in Phoenix, AZ!

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Sonus Faber speaker in luxury residence.

The Latest and Greatest HiFi Speaker: Sonus Faber’s Amati G5

Kendall Clark HiFi Speakers, HiFi Speakers Scottsdale, AZ

Experience Luxury, Premium Sound From a High-End Sound Company

Not all speakers are made the same, as many audiophiles will note. High-end speakers use the latest and most advanced technology to produce a crisp, performance-quality sound. For music lovers of all levels, a high-end speaker system can greatly elevate your listening experience, allowing you to hear every song just like the artist intended. 

Sonus Faber is a leader in producing HiFi speakers, with several revered lines, such as the Amati series in the Homage line. And now, they’ve released a new, upgraded speaker called the G5 that raises the bar for sonic performance. Keep reading to learn more about Sonus Faber and the new Amati G5 speaker and see how premium sound can transform the entertainment in your Scottsdale, AZ, home.

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Two of the Coastal Source 12.0 Line Source Bollard speakers, one with the grill on and one with it off, and the 18.0 Subwoofer on a grassy field.

Experience Concert-Quality Outdoor Audio in Your Own Backyard

Kendall Clark Outdoor Audio, Outdoor Audio Scottsdale, AZ

Enjoy High-Fidelity Music Wherever Your Roam

Do you feel it? One of our best seasons is fast approaching, heralding outdoor barbecues, pool parties, and dining alfresco with friends and family. Nothing beats outdoor living like spring in Scottsdale, AZ.

Are you ready? More people than ever are extending their living spaces, creating outdoor entertainment areas they enjoy long into the night. For many, this includes music, landscape and patio lighting, and even the latest outdoor TVs.

Installing an outdoor audio system is one of the best ways to gear up for spring. Let’s explore how these systems have transformed and what they bring to outdoor entertainment. 

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A restaurant with beautiful lighting, including numerous light fixtures and a fire feature.

Transform the Guest Experience with LED Lighting

Kendall Clark LED Lighting, LED Lighting Paradise Valley, AZ

Stunning Illumination Helps Your Brand Stand Out

Those in the hospitality industry know that proper lighting is critical to a brand’s success. In a restaurant, it sets the ambiance and highlights the food. In a hotel, it creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Lighting can enhance your customers’ senses, creating an engaging experience and a distinctive one-of-a-kind environment that provides a memorable encounter.

At Acoustic Designs Group, we use the latest LED lighting to create stunning interior and outdoor lighting, putting your brand in its best light. Let’s explore today’s high-dynamic world of immersive lighting.

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A listening room at Acoustic Designs Group showroom with Focal loudspeakers and McIntosh electronics.

The Benefits of a 2-Channel Audio System

Kendall Clark 2 Channel Audio, 2 Channel Audio Phoenix, AZ

Upgrade Your Home Music Experience

The way we enjoy music is constantly evolving, from gramophones in the 1880s to turntables, cassette tape players, and iPods. Every decade a new and improved format arrives. Today, with the advent of streaming music services, many people use Bluetooth speakers and headphones. 

Additionally, there are numerous options in home audio setups, including surround sound when enjoying an immersive movie experience and whole-home audio for listening to high-performance music in every room. The preferred setup for audiophiles, however, is a 2-channel audio system. 

The audiophile is passionate about music. They demand high-fidelity sound—the reproduction of music without distortion or coloration. They may prefer a dedicated listening room with acoustic treatments where they sit equidistant from each speaker, reveling in the dynamic soundstage. 

For those who have grown up in the digital world of streaming, the benefits of 2-channel audio may be illusory. That’s what we’re here for. At Acoustic Designs Group, we specialize in high-fidelity audio that transforms the listening experience. Let’s explore what 2-channel audio is and how it benefits homeowners in Phoenix, AZ.

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A TV rising at the end of the pool in a home’s backyard.

The Ultimate in Hidden TVs: The C SEED Entertainment System

Kendall Clark Hidden TV, Hidden TV Phoenix, AZ

Enjoy the Latest in Entertainment without Affecting Your Home’s Design

At Acoustic Designs Group, we specialize in the latest audio, video, and home automation solutions, creating state-of-the-art systems for our discerning clients in Phoenix, AZ. These smart homes incorporate the best in entertainment, from tower loudspeakers to discreet in-ceiling speakers, projectors that emerge from the ceiling, and TVs that rise from the ground. 

While the latest technology offers brilliant lifelike images and sounds that engulf the listener, it’s important to incorporate the displays and speakers in such a way as to maintain the home’s aesthetics. That’s where the hidden TV comes in. 

Let’s explore one of our favorite brands and partners in this category and why our clients are genuinely amazed at the features it provides.

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A bedroom at Acoustic Designs Group showroom illuminated in a blue hue with Ketra lighting.

The Four Reasons to Hire a Professional Lighting Designer

Kendall Clark Lighting Designer, Lighting Designer Scottsdale, AZ

Today’s Lighting Blends Cutting-Edge Technologies & Breathtaking Design

As a building contractor in Scottsdale, AZ, or a homeowner building your dream home, you work with plumbers, electricians, masons, painters, and a host of other subcontractors and specialists in their trade. One of the growing professionals playing a significant role in new builds is the lighting designer

To ensure optimum lighting, including the latest control and breathtaking illumination, these designers need to be involved from the project’s beginning. Let’s explore what makes lighting designers a critical component in today’s new homes.

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A well-lit living room and kitchen area with varying light fixtures and picture windows.

Bring Out Your Home’s Best Features with Architectural Lighting

Kendall Clark Architectural Lighting Fixtures, Architectural Lighting Fixtures Phoenix, AZ

The Power of Lighting Design from Conception to Completion

A home’s lighting provides much more than a way to see in the dark. It impacts our moods and energy levels and creates a place of refuge, an oasis that rejuvenates and inspires. It highlights the architectural details and can transform a room into the excellence that was waiting for the perfect light to bring it to life. 

With today’s new advancements, the possibilities are nearly limitless as we combine design and technology in ways once unimaginable. Our award-winning lighting designer, Kevin Flower, can help you take advantage of the latest possibilities, whether you’re a homeowner looking to upgrade or install a lighting system or a builder starting a new project. 

Let’s explore the design process in Phoenix, AZ, and the use of architectural lighting fixtures to deliver powerful benefits while enhancing a home’s design.

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A home theater with a Sony projector and a large movie screen displaying snow-capped mountains.

The Top 3 Reasons Why Your Home Theater Needs a Projector

Kendall Clark Home Theater Projectors, Home Theater Projectors Phoenix, AZ

Home Theater Projectors Offer the Immersive Cinematic Experience

Are you considering creating an entertainment space where friends and family enjoy the latest movies, TV series, concerts, and major sporting events? For many, this translates to a home theater, a room that offers all the visual and audio splendor of the local movie theater. 

You may be surprised that due to the latest advancements in today’s home audio-video technology, it’s possible to experience an immersive cinematic experience surpassing commercial theaters. When you add the luxurious custom seating, LED lighting that resembles stars, the surround-sound technology that immerses the viewer in a 3D sound field, and the breakout of high-quality content on video streaming platforms, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would venture further than their own designated home theater.

But what about the picture quality? Can you experience the brilliant images that fill a movie screen with crystal-clear, lifelike pictures that transport you into every scene? Thanks to Sony’s latest home theater projectors, the answer to that is a resounding yes.

Read on to learn the three reasons you need a home theater projector in your home theater setup and why Acoustic Designs Group teamed up with Sony to deliver the best picture possible for your home theater in Phoenix, AZ. 

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