A woman holding a phone with the Crestron app, displaying a song playing through her whole-home audio system.

Mastering Whole-Home Audio with a Smart Control Panel

Kendall Clark Smart Home Control Panel, Smart Home Control Panel – Phoenix, AZ

Unleash Your Home Symphony with Centralized Control

It’s no secret that the home audio landscape has changed, moving from the tactile engagement of physical media like vinyl and CDs to a wide expanse of internet content delivery. Of course, you can still enjoy that world with two-channel hi-fi setups. But for simplified entertainment across your entire home, multi-room audio systems managed by smart home control panels are the new way of enjoying audio, streamlined into hidden components and architectural speakers discreetly tucked into walls and ceilings. Let’s explore the advantages of smart control panels for audio enjoyment in your Phoenix, AZ, residence. Read More

An elegant Arizona living space with smart home automation features.

Three Essential Smart Home Automation Solutions

Kendall Clark Smart Home Automation – Paradise Valley, AZ, Smart Home Automation

The Building Blocks of a Connected Home

As we move through 2024, the fusion of technology with our daily lives has transitioned from a luxury to a quintessential element of home design. In this guide, we’ll discuss the smart home automation solutions that are becoming indispensable. Starting with the central hub that orchestrates your home’s functions to the seamless integration of entertainment and advanced surveillance, each component works in concert to elevate your living space into a haven of efficiency, comfort, and security. Let’s explore the transformative solutions that redefine sophistication and convenience in every corner of your Paradise Valley, AZ, home.

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Photo credit Steve Thompson. Scottsdale outdoor patio with high-end natural tone finishes

Elevate Scottsdale Luxury Homes with Premium Outdoor Audio

Kendall Clark Outdoor Audio, Outdoor Audio Scottsdale, AZ

Give Your Clients the Latest Property-Wide Entertainment Solutions


The demand for high-end outdoor spaces is booming, and the Scottsdale area is rife with homeowners who want to elevate backyard barbecues and poolside hangouts to new heights of fun. By extending luxury to the great outdoors, Arizona properties transform into premier entertainment spots fit for the entire family and guests, indoors and out!

Learn all about outdoor audio solutions you can provide your clients below.

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A modern living room in Phoenix, AZ, with ambient lighting and a large hidden TV panel closed.

A Guide to Hidden TVs and AV Technology

Kendall Clark Hidden TV Phoenix, AZ, Hidden TV

Marrying Form and Function in Your Phoenix Home 

With the increasing amounts of technology integrated into modern homes, the challenge of harmonizing aesthetic appeal with technological functionality has never been more pronounced. Fortunately for homeowners, designers, and architects in Phoenix, AZ, infusing modern living spaces with state-of-the-art entertainment equipment without compromising on style is not difficult. Whether you are looking at hidden TVs or invisible speakers and audio systems,  Acoustic Designs Group can offer ingenious ways to blend technology seamlessly into your décor. From motorized art covers to furniture that conceals, let’s explore the art of making technology discreetly disappear when not in use.

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A woman reads a magazine on a beige sofa with a nearby smart home control screen in a stylish living room in Scottsdale, AZ.

Transform Your Lifestyle with Smart Home Control

Kendall Clark Smart Home Control Scottsdale, AZ, Smart Home Control

Explore a Day in the Life in a Smart Home 

Imagine a home where technology seamlessly blends into your lifestyle, transforming every aspect of your daily routine into an experience of comfort and ease. This is the power of smart home control, a tailored approach to living where every element of your Scottsdale home responds intuitively to your needs and preferences. It’s not only about the convenience of modern technology; it’s about redefining what it means to live in harmony with your environment. As we take a journey through a day in the life of an Arizona family assisted by smart home control, discover how simple yet profound changes can elevate your everyday experiences.

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Video doorbell security camera footage showing live feed on a wall-mounted Savant tablet.

Preparing New Homes with Wired Security Camera Systems

Kendall Clark Wired Security Camera System Paradise Valley, AZ, Wired Security Camera System

Provide Your Clients The Protection They Need with High-Performance Setups

Security is always at the forefront of Arizona homeowners’ minds, and what better way to enhance your new build or remodeling project than by giving the client exactly what they need, even before they know they need it?

New home builders are in a vital position to provide families with invaluable peace of mind and protection from the ground up. Modern security solutions require a perfectly strategized behind-the-scenes infrastructure that supports high data loads and the latest technologies, plus room for future growth and upgrades. 

Read along below to learn what you can bring to your next Paradise Valley area project by partnering with Acoustic Designs Group for a wired security camera system

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A bedroom with high-performance speakers on either side.

Explore Today’s Luxury Home Audio Solutions

Kendall Clark Luxury Home Audio Solutions, Luxury Home Audio Solutions Scottsdale, AZ

Transform Your Home with the Latest Audio and Home Automation Technology

Sound evokes emotions and triggers memories. It energizes us and is an integral part of our everyday lives. In home automation, it’s becoming the cornerstone, the technology that transforms a smart home into a luxurious immersive experience.  

At Acoustic Designs Group, our team is made up of audio-video and home automation experts. We’re fortunate to be able to integrate our two greatest passions, a passion that created the best demo showroom in the Western United States. It’s a mecca of the most elite audio brands combined with the latest technology that’s changing how we live, work, and play.  

Let’s explore some of the luxury home audio solutions transforming homes in Scottsdale, AZ.

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dining table with orange chairs in front of two media viewing spaces with large screen TVs.

Meet the Ultimate Smart Home Solutions Partner

Kendall Clark Smart Home Solutions, Smart Home Solutions Paradise Valley, AZ

Acoustic Designs Group Offers a Cohesive Tech Experience from Start to Finish

Merging state-of-the-art smart home solutions with sophisticated design, Acoustic Designs Group stands as a beacon of innovation for residential builders and interior designers in Paradise Valley and the surrounding areas. 

Our commitment to excellence transforms ordinary spaces into smart, luxurious homes that cater to every homeowner’s dream. With nearly 20 years of experience and a keen eye for detail, we ensure each integration is as seamless as it is extraordinary. We help set the new standard for living in today’s digital age. Keep reading to explore what our partnership could look like.

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A custom home theater with integrated subwoofers in a Phoenix home.

What to Look for in a Home Theater Subwoofer

Kendall Clark Home Theater Subwoofer, Home Theater Subwoofer – Phoenix, AZ

Understanding an Essential Part of the Home Theater Experience

Understanding what to look for in a home theater subwoofer is crucial for Phoenix residents seeking to elevate their home entertainment experience. A subwoofer, like the ones from JL Audio and Meyer Sound, is the cornerstone of any immersive home theater system and brings depth and richness to your audio landscape. Whether you’re an audiophile or a homeowner passionate about cinema, this guide will help you navigate the nuances of choosing the perfect subwoofer. Are you ready to transform your Arizona home into a haven of cinematic sound? Explore more below.

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Spacious modern kitchen with wooden cabinets, an island with seating, pendant lighting, and a staircase leading to the next floor.

Experience Peace and Tranquility With a Home Automation Installation

Kendall Clark Home Automation Installation Phoenix, AZ, Home Automation Installation

Creating a Restorative Oasis With One Touch

Over the last several years, homes have transformed from a place to relax at the end of the day and have friends over on the weekends to an oasis that heals and restores. And technology is at the heart of this transformation. 

At Acoustic Designs Group, our home automation installations offer more than effortless control of natural and artificial lighting, climate, music, entertainment, and security. As Aristotle said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” 

When a smart home works as one cohesive ecosystem, homeowners experience an immersive environment that replenishes. Whether they want to relax, entertain, or enjoy movie night with the family, their home responds, creating the perfect atmosphere. 

Let’s explore a few of the nearly limitless ways your smart home transforms your environment in Phoenix, AZ.

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