A modern living room in Phoenix, AZ, with ambient lighting and a large hidden TV panel closed.

A Guide to Hidden TVs and AV Technology

Kendall Clark Hidden TV, Hidden TV Phoenix, AZ

Marrying Form and Function in Your Phoenix Home  With the increasing amounts of technology integrated into modern homes, the challenge of harmonizing aesthetic appeal with technological functionality has never been more pronounced. Fortunately for homeowners, designers, and architects in Phoenix, AZ, infusing modern living spaces with state-of-the-art entertainment equipment without compromising on style is not difficult. Whether you are looking …

A TV rising at the end of the pool in a home’s backyard.

The Ultimate in Hidden TVs: The C SEED Entertainment System

Kendall Clark Hidden TV, Hidden TV Phoenix, AZ

Enjoy the Latest in Entertainment without Affecting Your Home’s Design At Acoustic Designs Group, we specialize in the latest audio, video, and home automation solutions, creating state-of-the-art systems for our discerning clients in Phoenix, AZ. These smart homes incorporate the best in entertainment, from tower loudspeakers to discreet in-ceiling speakers, projectors that emerge from the ceiling, and TVs that rise …