A TV rising at the end of the pool in a home’s backyard.

The Ultimate in Hidden TVs: The C SEED Entertainment System

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Enjoy the Latest in Entertainment without Affecting Your Home’s Design

At Acoustic Designs Group, we specialize in the latest audio, video, and home automation solutions, creating state-of-the-art systems for our discerning clients in Phoenix, AZ. These smart homes incorporate the best in entertainment, from tower loudspeakers to discreet in-ceiling speakers, projectors that emerge from the ceiling, and TVs that rise from the ground. 

While the latest technology offers brilliant lifelike images and sounds that engulf the listener, it’s important to incorporate the displays and speakers in such a way as to maintain the home’s aesthetics. That’s where the hidden TV comes in. 

Let’s explore one of our favorite brands and partners in this category and why our clients are genuinely amazed at the features it provides.

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The World’s First Unfolding Indoor TV

C SEED Entertainment Systems came to life in 2009, taking luxury homes and yachts by storm. The company’s innovative triumphs are many and include the first unfolding TV. At first glance, the N1 indoor TV looks like a modern, sculptural work of art. Then, with one push of a button, the giant display raises and unfolds.

C SEED 4K MicroLED technology creates true-to-life colors, stunning contrast, and exquisite detail. It comes in 103, 137, and 165-inch displays, and its 180-degree rotation ensures the perfect viewing for any setting. 

The C SEED M1 offers the same technology and size but lays in wait beneath the floor until called upon. The Adaptive Gap Calibration Technology found in each of these TVs ensures the unfolding leaves no visible gaps, and the breathtaking visuals offer TV viewing at its finest. 

However, it gets even better. For those looking for the ultimate video display, the C SEED Blade is the world’s largest indoor 4K MicroLED TV. Coming in at up to 221 inches, it provides a stunning viewing experience. It comes with a 4K media server, four integrated high-performance speakers, and two subwoofers for cinema surround sound.

The World’s Largest Outdoor TV

A collaboration between Porsche Design and C SEED created the award-winning C SEED 201—the world’s largest outdoor TV. It’s hidden underground, waiting to surprise your guests when you touch a button and the column appears, rising to its full height of 15 feet in 15 seconds. In 25 seconds, seven MicroLED panels unfold to reveal the 201-inch display that offers brilliant, radiant colors. It provides crystal-clear pictures—even in the brightest daylight—and is truly a breathtaking experience.

For outdoor areas requiring a toned-down version, the 144-inch display provides the same brilliant images in a smaller package. C SEED also offers outdoor loudspeakers that rise from the ground, covering large outdoor areas in crystal-clear sound thanks to its 110-degree beam angle.

Are you ready to experience the ultimate in entertainment? Visit our 7,500-square-foot showroom and explore the possibilities. From outdoor living to integrated systems and the best the world offers in entertainment, today’s options are truly limitless. To learn more about the latest entertainment and hidden TVs or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Acoustic Designs Group today.