A luxurious home theater with comfy seats and a large screen.

Work with a Home Theater Designer to Deliver Custom Cinemas to Your Clients

Kendall Clark Home Theater Designer, Home Theater Designer Scottsdale, AZ

Bring Stunning Audiovisuals & Immersion to Your Projects

Over the years, luxury home theaters have become increasingly popular among homeowners. With private theaters in their own homes, it eliminates the hassle of getting out to the local cinema and, instead, staying in and enjoying a customized, immersive viewing experience.

You can create this cinematic atmosphere for your Scottsdale, AZ clients when you work with a professional home theater designer like Acoustic Designs Group. Our trusted home theater design services and solutions will help you provide a high-end, custom cinema setup for your clients.

Want to learn more about our installation process and how it can work for your home-builds? Keep reading below to learn what components we prioritize with every project.

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Unparalleled Visuals

Working with our team at Acoustic Designs Group means bringing larger-than-life visuals to every installation. Often, a projector and projection screen completes the theatrical atmosphere that most homeowners crave from the town cinema. Luckily, projection technology for the home has vastly improved over the years, and we’ve moved past film projectors for UHD ones that come in a variety of models and sizes.

Your clients will have options between short-throw and long-throw, 4K and 8, and how the screens are installed in general. Do they lower from the ceiling, stay revealed permanently, or emerge when viewers are ready to start their media? With our team as part of the process, you can bring the exact projector installation to your clients that they had envisioned all along.

High-Fidelity Audio

The other crucial component of any luxury home theater is the audio. High-fidelity audio is a must for your cinema installations. Bring the crystal-clear audio of Hollywood right into your clients’ homes with Meyer Sound. This cinematic brand can completely transform the acoustic environment for every theater build and design.

Check Out Our Showroom

Want to see these top-notch home theater components in action for yourself? You can get a feel for how these cinematic audiovisuals and solutions perform at our showroom. With a modern home cinema on display, you can see how each AV technology, luxurious seating, and acoustic aspects integrate together to produce the perfect theatrical environment for your clients. It’s a 7,200 square feet of high-quality viewing experience that can reflect the exact installation we’ll help you bring to every upcoming project.


Bring the ultimate home theater design-build to every client with our team’s help. Give our integrators a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We can’t wait to hear from you!