Sonus Faber speaker in luxury residence.

The Latest and Greatest HiFi Speaker: Sonus Faber’s Amati G5

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Experience Luxury, Premium Sound From a High-End Sound Company Not all speakers are made the same, as many audiophiles will note. High-end speakers use the latest and most advanced technology to produce a crisp, performance-quality sound. For music lovers of all levels, a high-end speaker system can greatly elevate your listening experience, allowing you to hear every song just like …

Two of the Coastal Source 12.0 Line Source Bollard speakers, one with the grill on and one with it off, and the 18.0 Subwoofer on a grassy field.

Experience Concert-Quality Outdoor Audio in Your Own Backyard

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Enjoy High-Fidelity Music Wherever Your Roam Do you feel it? One of our best seasons is fast approaching, heralding outdoor barbecues, pool parties, and dining alfresco with friends and family. Nothing beats outdoor living like spring in Scottsdale, AZ. Are you ready? More people than ever are extending their living spaces, creating outdoor entertainment areas they enjoy long into the …

A restaurant with beautiful lighting, including numerous light fixtures and a fire feature.

Transform the Guest Experience with LED Lighting

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Stunning Illumination Helps Your Brand Stand Out Those in the hospitality industry know that proper lighting is critical to a brand’s success. In a restaurant, it sets the ambiance and highlights the food. In a hotel, it creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Lighting can enhance your customers’ senses, creating an engaging experience and a distinctive one-of-a-kind environment that provides …