Two of the Coastal Source 12.0 Line Source Bollard speakers, one with the grill on and one with it off, and the 18.0 Subwoofer on a grassy field.

Experience Concert-Quality Outdoor Audio in Your Own Backyard

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Enjoy High-Fidelity Music Wherever Your Roam

Do you feel it? One of our best seasons is fast approaching, heralding outdoor barbecues, pool parties, and dining alfresco with friends and family. Nothing beats outdoor living like spring in Scottsdale, AZ.

Are you ready? More people than ever are extending their living spaces, creating outdoor entertainment areas they enjoy long into the night. For many, this includes music, landscape and patio lighting, and even the latest outdoor TVs.

Installing an outdoor audio system is one of the best ways to gear up for spring. Let’s explore how these systems have transformed and what they bring to outdoor entertainment. 

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The Transformation of Outdoor Audio

Sometimes, our outdoor music streams from the Bluetooth speaker on the patio table or under-eave speakers. The problem with these audio solutions is that when we turn up the volume so those furthest away can hear, those closest become fearful of becoming deaf. For those who love listening to their favorite songs in the great outdoors and sharing the experience, these solutions fall far short of the desired effect. 

Today’s outdoor audio systems change that. At Acoustic Designs Group, we’re passionate about high-fidelity audio, immersive lighting, and home automation, offering a luxurious lifestyle and enhanced wellness. To bring our clients the best on the market, we partner with leading brands in the industry. In the world of outdoor audio, one of those brands is Coastal Source. 

An Immersive Blanket of Sound

Coastal Source is known for high-fidelity outdoor audio and pioneering light fixtures designed to withstand our occasional torrential rains and hot summers. Strategically placed bollard and bullet speakers provide even coverage across your property—a blanket of crystal-clear, high-performance music that fills the air.  

When integrated with bollard subwoofers, you experience the all-important full bass sound you can feel. For unrivaled concert-quality outdoor audio, the 12.0 Line Source Bollard speakers use line array technology that covers a wide area with the highest fidelity of music reproduction.

Their sleek design blends into the surrounding landscape, enabling our audio experts to position them toward various listening areas. By setting up zones, you and your guests can listen to different audio simultaneously. Play one beautiful melody throughout your space, or enjoy the big game on the outdoor TV while another group listens to their favorite playlist by the pool. 

An Integrated System

When integrated with your whole-home audio system and home automation platform, you experience effortless control. Select your audio source from a touch screen or smartphone app—whether vinyl, music server, streaming playlist, or outdoor TV—and the area where you’d like to hear it. 

We can also program different scenes that set the stage with one touch. For example, tap the “Outdoor Party” icon, and the tiki torches and firepit ignite while the landscape and patio lights change to the colors of the tropics. At the same time, your “Pool Party” playlist fills the air. 

Are you ready to enhance your outdoor entertainment? Stop by our 7,500-square-foot showroom to experience seven demo sections of high-fidelity audio and the best in lighting design. To learn more about the many options in outdoor audio or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Acoustic Designs Group today.