Acoustic Designs Group showroom featuring a sitting area with LED lighting and a flat-screen TV.

Experience the Power of Luxury Lighting Design

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Turn Your Home into an Oasis with the Help of a Certified Lighting Designer

As an architectural lighting design and automation firm serving Phoenix, AZ, for 17 years, we’ve watched homeowners’ visions transform. Lighting has gone from a practical way to see in the dark to an expertly designed palette. Homeowners want beautiful, retreat-like spaces where lighting takes center stage in varying colors, hues, and intensities. Soft and bright white lights have transcended to amethyst, indigo, and azure. 

There is a reason why photographers and cinematographers spend so much time perfecting the lighting—it enhances the subject’s features and creates the desired atmosphere and mood in a way that no other element can. In a home, professional luxury lighting design does the same, challenging spaces to reveal their best selves while setting the desired mood and tone. Keep reading below for more.

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Our Expert

At Acoustic Designs Group, our seasoned certified lighting designer, Kevin Flower, has 20 years of experience. He’s won numerous lighting design awards due to his expert-level skills at illumination, with an artist’s eye for turning a home into an oasis that feels like a personal sanctuary meant to share with friends and family. 

Lighting and the equipment that controls it are developing at breakneck speed, with hundreds of new products introduced each year. As a passionate and dedicated expert in his field, Flowers stays abreast of the latest technologies and continually evolving design elements. In addition to his technical expertise, he understands how lighting affects our moods and promotes wellness. This comprehensive mastery enables him to see the possibilities and turn a client’s vision into a reality.

Flowers works with builders, designers, architects, and homeowners, transforming residential and commercial properties with the power of light.

Our Showroom

As with most works of art, words only go so far. One must be in its presence to capture the creator’s intent—to see the delicate brushstrokes and the colors that meld into one another. That’s one of the reasons we created our 7,500-square-foot showroom

The Ketra and wellness lighting showroom displays various types of lighting, including uplighting, downlighting, fixtures, toe kicks, and more. Acquired by Lutron, the world leader in smart lighting control, Ketra revolutionized LED lighting. Together, their advanced lighting systems create new possibilities in lighting design, enabling homeowners to change their lighting for every occasion. 

From a single light source, we can illuminate a space in any color on the visible light spectrum, which translates to millions of different high-quality colors with pinpoint accuracy. And, with one touch on an elegant in-wall keypad or touchscreen, this lighting changes—from emerald green to chartreuse, arctic blue, rose red, amber, golden candlelight, and every color in between. With this high-definition palette, we customize every space for each person and task, highlighting tasks, showcasing artwork, and more.

While at our showroom, you can also check out the seven demo sections of high-performance audio, the headphone lounge, and a modern home theater.


At Acoustic Designs Group, we meld technology and automation with exclusive architectural lighting design and high-performance audio and video, making us one-of-a-kind leaders in our industry. To learn more about the latest lighting design trends or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Acoustic Designs Group today.