A restaurant with beautiful lighting, including numerous light fixtures and a fire feature.

Transform the Guest Experience with LED Lighting

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Stunning Illumination Helps Your Brand Stand Out

Those in the hospitality industry know that proper lighting is critical to a brand’s success. In a restaurant, it sets the ambiance and highlights the food. In a hotel, it creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Lighting can enhance your customers’ senses, creating an engaging experience and a distinctive one-of-a-kind environment that provides a memorable encounter.

At Acoustic Designs Group, we use the latest LED lighting to create stunning interior and outdoor lighting, putting your brand in its best light. Let’s explore today’s high-dynamic world of immersive lighting.

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Options in Hospitality Lighting

One of our partners, Lutron’s Ketra, is the creator of the world’s most advanced lighting system. This lighting offers a high-definition palette—beautiful lights in every color of the visible spectrum, from soft golden candlelight to arctic blue and vibrant indigo. 

Through the expert use of accent, ambient, and task lighting, your guests experience what some describe as magical illumination—light that shines from unseen sources, bringing walls, ceilings, architectural elements, and artwork to life.

This lighting system also offers human-centric lighting or lights that transform throughout the day, mirroring the changing color of daylight. In the morning, your guests experience bright blue-toned hues that change to soft amber shades as evening approaches. Because this lighting reflects the natural light of the outdoors, your guests may feel more rejuvenated during the day and relaxed in the evening. Your staff will also appreciate the mood-enhancing benefits this form of lighting brings.  

The Perfect Illumination

Social media and client reviews can significantly impact brand awareness, engagement, and guest relations. Lighting that creates a stunning environment, highlights a centerpiece, or turns a water feature into a mesmerizing pool is perfect for photo-based social media networks. 

This lighting is effortlessly controlled from elegant in-wall keypads and touch screens, enabling you to set the mood for different groups and occasions. We’ll also program preset scenes that manage every light in your establishment. Now, you can push the “Relax” button to create a softly lit, intimate setting and the “Party” button when it’s time for a lively and engaging environment. When a large wedding group arrives, you can even surprise them with lights that reflect the color of their wedding.

This lighting system lets you change the lighting in one area or transform the entire dining floor. Hotels use this lighting to create stunning intrigue in the lobby, and some incorporate smart lighting as the ultimate guest experience in their rooms. In addition to offering the perfect environment, LED lights use at least 75% less electricity and last much longer, saving money and reducing operational costs.

Our Professional Lighting Designer

Kevin Flower, our elite architectural lighting designer and principal, has spent over 20 years in the field, winning numerous industry awards. He welcomes you to see the amazing world of LED lighting at Acoustic Designs Group’s state-of-the-art 7,500-square-foot showroom. Experience the effortless control and magnificent environments this lighting creates with just one touch. 

Are you ready to enhance your guests’ experience? To learn more about LED lighting for your restaurant or hotel or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Acoustic Designs Group today.