One of the audio displays at Acoustic Designs Group 7,500 square-foot showroom.

How Do You Define High-Fidelity Audio?

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Enjoy Every Bit of Detail in Your Favorite Songs with Our HiFi Audio Solutions High-fidelity (hi-fi) audio refers to the pure and accurate reproduction of sound. The original recording is faithfully reproduced, which means you’re listening to music as the artist and studio producers intended.  A hi-fi audio system offers the cleanest, least distorted listening experience. It takes you to …

Acoustic Designs Open House

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With the 2020 season of events kicking off in North Scottsdale Acoustic Designs opens it’s Showroom as a gathering place.  Barrett-Jackson sold over 1900 vehicles this year for nearly $130 Million.  Over 700,000 golf fans hit the links to watch Webb Simpson take home $7.3 Million with top honors.  Acoustic Designs provided refreshments, reserved parking and a shuttle service to …


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Ever hear the adage “What was old, is new again”?  So true in the 2-Channel world with vinyl’s, turntables, speakers, headphones, amplifiers and the like.  In the ’80s and ’90s, culture was going from the big boom box to getting tunes on your watch.  The mad rush to be as small as possible left a lot to be desired as …

Got Amp

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  Okay, we know….you “I” gens (Internet generation) have understood technology since the day you were born but for the rest of us let’s talk Amps.  The previous blog, “Feeling Hi-Res” summarized how music from the Internet is compressed or squeezed down to make the files compatible with our devices such as phones, computers, and the like.   The quality of …

Feeling Hi-Res

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  Music streaming has renewed great interest in home audio but does the digital sound evoke the same feelings as what you used to play in the “old days” when raging at your party with the speakers to the max? Much of the music available on the Internet is compressed or squeezed, to make the files smaller and more manageable. …


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