Feeling Hi-Res

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Music streaming has renewed great interest in home audio but does the digital sound evoke the same feelings as what you used to play in the “old days” when raging at your party with the speakers to the max?

Much of the music available on the Internet is compressed or squeezed, to make the files smaller and more manageable. Music streaming is convenient, yet many of the subtle – yet critical – instrumental and vocal nuances of the original recording get squeezed out in the process. When this occurs, we have lost the artist’s original intention and power of the piece. Cutting edge data-packing technologies have kept up with the Hi-Res audio. When married with high-performance audio components, you create the best of both worlds: the simplicity and convenience of streaming music along with the best listening experience around.

Now is the time to treat your ears and all your guests to the glory and gusto of hi-res music. In addition to top-quality tracks, you need the right equipment configured and set up properly—to bring it together.  Step 1 Speakers!    

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