Outdoor patio area with in-ceiling speakers, couches, chairs, and an eye-catching wood ceiling

Enhance Outdoor Living with Coastal Source Speakers

Kendall Clark Outdoor Audio, Outdoor Audio Paradise Valley, AZ

Choose This High-Performance Brand for Your Entertainment Spaces

Aptly named Paradise Valley, AZ, offers opulent residences with breathtaking natural landscapes. Incorporating outdoor audio systems into your outside entertainment areas can seamlessly combine relaxation, fun, and aesthetic appeal for luxury homeowners. 

When it comes to enhancing the listening experiences in these stunning spaces, high-end outdoor speakers are essential. This article explores several compelling reasons why you’ll want to consider a premium outdoor speaker setup in your backyard and patio spaces. Keep reading below to learn more about this unparalleled audio experience you can customize for yourself, your family, and your visitors.

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Listen to hi-fi speakers in our Scottsdale, AZ, showroom.

A Guide to Building Your Dream Hi-Fi Audio System

Kendall Clark HiFi Speakers, HiFi Speakers Scottsdale, AZ

Immerse Yourself in High-Quality Audio with These Essential Components

Are you considering building a hi-fi audio system but need help figuring out where to start? Whether you’re a full-fledged audiophile or a movie buff, crafting a hi-fi setup can elevate your audio experiences. 

Selecting components for your audio system will take time and patience. You’ll want to find pieces that fit your preferences and budget. An easy way to do this is to stop by our Hi-Fi showroom in Scottsdale, AZ, and hear the difference small changes can make to your listening experience.

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An elegantly lit dining room with a Lutron lighting system.

3 Benefits of a Lutron Lighting System

Kendall Clark Lutron Lighting System, Lutron Lighting System Paradise Valley, CA

Elevate Your Home with Premium Smart Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of your home. It makes a space functional and safe but also impacts how your home feels. Good lighting can make your home feel welcoming and will improve your well-being. But a poorly-lit space can make you feel tense and on edge.

Lutron is a leader in smart lighting, providing beautiful and functional lighting solutions. They create a well-lit, elegant space with fixtures that are easy to control and automate. Check out these benefits of a Lutron lighting system to see how they can enhance your Paradise Valley, AZ, home. 

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Photo of a hi-fi audio setup for consumer listening experience in a showroom.

Curious About Hi-Fi Audio? Wonder No More with Acoustics Design Group

Kendall Clark Hi-Fi Audio Showroom, Hi-Fi Audio Showroom, Scottsdale, AZ

Our Hi-Fi Audio Showroom Enables You to Experience Sound Like Never Before

It’s a challenge to compete with a Scottsdale, AZ, hi-fi audio showroom that allows its visitors to step into an experience from the moment they walk through the door. At Acoustic Designs Group, we’ve done just that, encouraging anyone considering home upgrades—from audio-video automation to networking—to stop in and see the results we deliver to our clients. 

Are you sick of the low-quality sound system in your home? Keep reading to uncover our comprehensive, fully functional showroom’s hi-fi and 2-channel audio setups!

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A home theater at Acoustic Designs Group Showroom with purple lighting, and in-ceiling and floorstanding speakers.

Experience the Powerhouse Home Theater Receiver—the MHT300

Kendall Clark Home Theater Receiver, Home Theater Receiver Phoenix, AZ

McIntosh’s New Receiver Brings Surround Sound to the Next Level

Are you ready to take your home theater in Phoenix, AZ, to the next level? If so, you’ve picked the perfect time. In March 2023, McIntosh’s new home theater receiver emerged in all its glory, promising to improve your home cinema’s sound in unprecedented ways and redefine home entertainment. 

No piece of equipment in your home theater wears as many hats, and this receiver wears them all well. It’s the heart of your system, routing audio-video signals, driving the power for your surround sound, decoding the sound format, ensuring the right signal reaches the right speaker, and much more.

It’s the MHT300 Home Theater Receiver, and it delivers the power that McIntosh has long been known for. At Acoustic Designs Group, we’re proud to be a McIntosh dealer and offer a hands-on experience at our 7,500-square-foot showroom. We welcome you to stop by and immerse yourself in our home theater experience. But first, let’s explore why people who want the best surround sound are turning to the new MHT300.

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A photo of a luxury living room that includes recessed lighting in the ceiling of the plush and roomy space.

Bring Luxury Lighting Solutions to Your Home with Ketra Lighting

Kendall Clark Luxury Lighting Solutions, Luxury Lighting Solutions Paradise Valley, AZ

Experience high-end lighting with advanced control capabilities

If you’re searching for luxury lighting solutions for your Paradise Valley, AZ, home, or a designer looking to create the perfect lighting system for your client, you’ve come to the right company. Acoustic Design Group offers Ketra Lighting solutions, known for its incredible color rendering, temperature control, and easy-to-use intuitive control interfaces. 

Ketra offers various products that will assist you in taking home lighting to an undeniably luxurious level. Keep reading to learn more about Ketra’s product lineup and how we go about seamless integration for each of our lighting clients. 

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Woman standing underneath a light in her home, controlling it from her tablet with a Lutron logo in the upper right corner.

Meet Your Home Lighting Needs with Lutron HomeWorks QSX

Kendall Clark Lutron HomeWorks QSX, Lutron HomeWorks QSX Phoenix, AZ

Customize Your Lights to Your Lifestyle and Personal Preferences, Resulting in Seamless Automation and Easy Living

Lutron HomeWorks QSX is the lighting control system you’ve been waiting for, allowing Phoenix, AZ, homeowners to operate their lights effortlessly and offering a wide range of impressive features.

If you’re ready to explore what QSX can do for your new build or renovation project, Acoustic Designs Group will help you discover the comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency of Lutron lighting. Keep reading to learn more about HomeWorks QSX, why you need it, and what it can do for you!

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An audio setup with a McIntosh amplifier.

Discover Luxury Home Audio Solutions from McIntosh

Kendall Clark Luxury Home Audio Solutions, Luxury Home Audio Solutions Scottsdale, AZ

Embrace Premium Audio in Your Home with These Premium Products

Whether you’re a casual listener or a dedicated audiophile, having a high-end audio system is a great way to elevate the entertainment in your Scottsdale, AZ, home. But a good audio system has many components, from pre-amplifiers to speakers. Luckily, McIntosh has it all. McIntosh has been a leader in luxury home audio solutions for years, creating products that produce authentic, performance-quality sound. 

Acoustics Designs Group is a proud McIntosh dealer with a variety of products and solutions available. We can integrate these products into your home audio system, but first, you can come and take a listen at our showroom. Keep reading to learn more about McIntosh and the products they offer.

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TV with in-wall speakers mounted on the side, covered with James Loudspeaker grilles.

Hidden Audio Solutions That Let the Property Shine, Not the Tech

Kendall Clark Hidden Technology, Hidden Technology Phoenix, AZ

Discover Technology That’s Meant to Be Heard But Not Seen

Take a moment to look around the typical home. If the homeowner is a fan of sports, movies, or music, or if they have children, then they likely have several TVs and speakers placed throughout the property, both indoors and outside. 

Though these look and sound great while in use, there’s a better method of incorporating technology into spaces so that the home’s interior design and architecture can stand out instead of the devices.

If you have a client looking to find an alternative to the big black rectangles and unnecessary speakers that glare back at them when not being used, then it’s time to consider hidden technology options for your client’s Phoenix, AZ, home. 

Keep reading below to discover what’s possible when you partner with a professional group of technology integration specialists like our team at Acoustic Designs Group.

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The backyard of a well-lit home with a pool and landscape lighting.

Creating a Masterpiece with Landscape Lighting

Kendall Clark Landscape Lighting, Landscape Lighting Paradise Valley, AZ

Enhance Outdoor Living with Beautiful Lights

At Acoustic Designs Group, our elite lighting designers and expert audio, video, and automation integrators work together to enhance our clients’ lives. As winter turns to spring in Paradise Valley, AZ, many of our clients are optimizing their outdoor living to create an area of fun and relaxation. 

No matter your intentions, one outdoor element creates the perfect setting and extends the party or quiet contemplation long into the night—landscape lighting. Today, this lighting can set the ideal mood and enhance any activity. Let’s explore the possibilities of outdoor lighting.

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