modern kitchen island and table with red upholstery in front of a 3D plant wall

Integrated Home Systems Are at the Forefront of Modern Living

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Integrating Smart Technology in the Latest Designs & New Builds In the heart of Phoenix, the concept of a home is rapidly evolving. It’s no longer just about square footage and the number of rooms—it’s about creating spaces that are as smart as they are comfortable for your entire family. Acoustic Designs Group is at the forefront of this transformation, …

Patio with multiple lounge chairs and a living room with floor to ceiling windows behind it.

Why Interior Designers Are Partnering with AV Companies

Kendall Clark AV Companies, AV Companies – Scottsdale, AZ

How an AV Company Makes Your Project Stand Out Cutting-edge technology is now a defining feature of luxury home design. Today’s discerning clients want to blend elegance with the latest in convenience, entertainment, and functionality. As a leader in the audio-visual industry, Acoustic Design Group is at the forefront of meeting these demands.  In this blog, we’ll explore how our …