Meyer Sound Galileo Galaxy 816

As part of the newly developed Galileo GALAXY family, the Galileo GALAXY 408 builds on Galileo’s meticulously engineered algorithms on a rigorously tested cutting edge hardware platform. Galileo GALAXY retains users’ favorite processing tools, including five-band U-Shaping and parametric EQs on both inputs and outputs. The built-in summing matrix allows users to assign and adjust gain at every cross point for multiple purposes quickly and easily as well as apply delay values at every cross point in the new built-in delay matrix. The delay matrix also enables the user to feed different position-dependent delayed signals into one output to allow a multipurpose use of a loudspeaker. Intuitively mix and match different Meyer Sound loudspeakers with the improved Delay Integration matching their phase characteristics to ensure a coherent summation. System clock can be set to internal, or follow AES or AVB signals’ clock to rule out any digital jitter. Adjust equalization parameters on a laptop with Compass control software or on an iPad with the Compass Go app. Both graphic interfaces reflect years of user input to make managing great audio effortless



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