Meyer Sound MPS-488HP

The MPS-488 external power supply delivers DC power and balanced audio for up to eight MM-4XP loudspeakers. The single-space 19-inch rack MPS-488 receives eight channels of balanced audio from its XLR female input connectors and routes the audio, along with 48 V of DC power, to its eight output connectors. Input channels feature toggle switches that route inputs to corresponding channel outputs only, or to adjacent, contiguous channel outputs. For example, channel input 1 could be routed to channel outputs 1 and 2 and channel input 3 could be routed to channel outputs 3 and 4. Another example would be to route channel input 1 to channel outputs 1–4 and channel input 5 to channel outputs 5–8. The power supply’s eight channel outputs are available as either 5-pin Phoenix connectors on the MPS-488p model, or 5-pin SwitchCraft EN3 connectors on the MPS-488e model.

The MPS-488 front panel has two LEDs per output channel that provide useful feedback on the status of the system. The voltage LEDs indicate when voltage is present for each output channel. The load current LEDs indicate when a loudspeaker is connected to an output channel and glow brighter as the signal level increases.

The MPS Power Supplies are the required method of powering MM-4XP loudspeaker systems. The MPS-488 rackmount 8-channel power supply is ideal for larger installations with multiple loudspeakers, while the compact MPS-481 is designed for powering single loudspeakers individually.

The MPS Power Supplies can deliver DC power to MM-4XP loudspeakers (one per channel) at cable lengths of up to 300 feet with just 1 dB of loss in peak SPL using 18 AWG wire. The use of composite multiconductor cables (such as Belden 1502) allows a single cable to carry both audio and DC power from the MPS Power Supply channel to the loudspeaker. Longer cable lengths are possible for moderate applications that don’t drive the loudspeakers to maximum output, as well as for installations with heavier wire gauges.

Amplifier and signal processing circuits for the MM-4XP are designed to tolerate voltage drops of up to 30 percent, thereby accommodating light-gauge cables and long cable runs. Internal energy storage circuits for the MM-4XP minimize the system’s peak-to-average current demands, ensuring efficient use of the MPS Power Supply’s 48 V DC output.


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