Meyer Sound ULTRA-X20

The Meyer Sound ULTRA-X20 Compact Wide Coverage Loudspeaker brings state-of-the-art ULTRA-X40 point-source technology to a smaller, lighter footprint, ideal for installed and portable applications where size and weight are critical factors. Whether used as a compact main system or as fills or surrounds in a larger system, count on the ULTRA-X20 to deliver high power output, low distortion, and consistent polar response in any configuration.

The ULTRA-X20 measures just 7.5 inches wide by 19.04 inches high by 8.6 inches deep, but packs a mighty punch, delivering 123.5 dB peak SPL measured using M-Noise. It features two 5-inch cone drivers and 2-inch compression driver in concentric configuration for more consistent pattern control below the crossover point.

The ULTRA-X20 rotatable horn produces precise, even coverage regardless of orientation. It’s available in three Constant-Q horn variants, for optimal coverage in any scenario. The ULTRA-X20 features a 110° x 50° horn, while the ULTRA-X22 provides more controlled 80° x 50° coverage and the ULTRA-X23’s horn provides a wider 110° x 110° coverage.

Engineered with versatility in mind, the ULTRA-X20 can be used as the foundation of a compact main system, or to supplement a larger system. Extend low-frequency power by pairing the ULTRA-X20 with Meyer Sound’s USW-112P subwoofer, 750-LFC low-frequency control element, or USW-210P subwoofer. The ULTRA-X20 is natively aligned with the 750-LFC for quick and easy deployment in portable applications.

If you can dream it, you can design it. Four integral M8 rigging points allow a range of configurations including requiring pole mounting, hanging, wall mounting or ceiling mounting—in horizontal or vertical orientation, at any angle. Four M6 points on the heatsink are compatible with most industry-standard wall mount brackets.



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