ROGERS HIGH FIDELITY 65V-2 Integrated Amplifier (ON DISPLAY)

The Model 65V-2 is Class A, single-ended design, all-tube integrated amplifier with dedicated headphone output that is designed to use either EL-34 or KT-88 tubes with no adjustment or changes. Simply insert the tube of your selection!

The 65V-2 has a durable DuPont exclusive sintered “Matador Gold” red powder coat with clear gloss finish and solid billet aluminum front panel. The chassis is made with heavy gauge aircraft-grade aluminum. An LCD display has a tube status indicator to automatically monitor tube bias and provide advanced notice for replacement.

This product is only available by coming into our store or by calling us. To find out more about it, decide if it will work in your unique situation, or to make a purchase, please call us (888) 296-0950.


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