Focal Viva Utopia Colour Evo

Discover Viva Utopia Colour Evo, a 3-way audiophile loudspeaker dedicated to the most sophisticated multichannel configurations. Vertical (Viva Utopia) or horizontal (Viva Center Utopia), either in Home Theatre or Stereo configuration, it’s always efficient. From the Utopia III Evo range, Viva Utopia Colour Evo boasts a multitude of assets: extreme clarity in the midrange, high efficiency and power handling, and very low directivity on the horizontal axis for perfect phase and 3D imaging control. This high-end loudspeaker integrates all the cutting-edge technology of the Utopia III Evo range, developed by Focal to meet the expectations of the most discerning audiophiles. Standing at a majestic 1.30 m when installed vertically, Viva Utopia takes center stage in your lounge. Horizontally, the black lacquered loudspeaker is installed on a meticulously designed aluminum stand. Recognized by the experts for its high efficiency and power handling, it is the benchmark multi-channel, 3-way floor standing speaker. It integrates all the cutting-edge technologies developed by Focal for its Utopia III Evo range of outstanding loudspeakers. An audio product for music lovers and those who aspire to listening quality perfection.

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