An audio setup with a McIntosh amplifier.

Discover Luxury Home Audio Solutions from McIntosh

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Embrace Premium Audio in Your Home with These Premium Products

Whether you’re a casual listener or a dedicated audiophile, having a high-end audio system is a great way to elevate the entertainment in your Scottsdale, AZ, home. But a good audio system has many components, from pre-amplifiers to speakers. Luckily, McIntosh has it all. McIntosh has been a leader in luxury home audio solutions for years, creating products that produce authentic, performance-quality sound. 

Acoustics Designs Group is a proud McIntosh dealer with a variety of products and solutions available. We can integrate these products into your home audio system, but first, you can come and take a listen at our showroom. Keep reading to learn more about McIntosh and the products they offer.

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Amplifier and Pre-Amplifiers

You can’t hook your source right to your speakers since it won’t generate an audio signal large enough to power them. First, they need to go to a pre-amplifier and then an amplifier. The pre-amplifier strengthens the audio signal and ensures it’ll be noise-tolerant and clear. Without the pre-amplifier, the final sound may come out a little distorted. It prepares it to be sent to the amplifier, which converts it into an even stronger signal that can be played through a loudspeaker.

McIntosh offers a wide variety of pre-amps and amplifiers that will meet any audiophile’s needs. All of their products can be integrated into your home audio systems to ensure all sound integrity is preserved while creating a signal that will produce authentic, crisp audio. 


Of course, you can’t have a home audio system without speakers. McIntosh offers a variety of premium speakers, from loudspeakers to wireless bookshelf speakers. No matter what room you are looking to fill with high-fidelity audio, McIntosh has a solution for you. Tall loudspeakers are great for a media room or listening space., especially when combined with a center channel speaker for truly enveloping sound.

If you don’t have the space for loudspeakers, you can opt for bookshelf speakers or an in-wall speaker solution. The bookshelf speakers fit perfectly on a table or bookshelf, while the in-wall speakers provide a discreet listening experience.

Turntables, Streamers, and CD Players

Now you’ll need something to play your music from. If you are proud of your record or CD collection, you can choose a McIntosh turntable that will turn your records into a signal that can be played through your loudspeaker. But if you prefer to use streaming platforms like Tidal or Deezer, you can purchase a streamer to direct those digital signals to your speakers so you can enjoy your favorite playlists.


Want to experience McIntosh for yourself? Come visit the Acoustic Design Group showroom in Scottsdale, AZ! We have a variety of McIntosh products on display that you can listen to for yourself to hear the McIntosh difference. Contact us today for more information on luxury home audio solutions!