Focal by Naim demo room at the Acoustic Design Group showroom featuring Focal speakers, NAIM electronics and Focal headphones.

Focal & Naim: The Ultimate 2 Channel Audio Duo

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Unlocking the Pinnacle of 2 Channel Audio with Focal & Naim

As an audiophile, you already know not all audio systems are created equal. The true magic emerges when you find the perfect symphony between the right components. That’s why we love the convergence of Focal and Naim. Focal and Naim both offer unparalleled sound quality and customization options. 

Below we outline some of the reasons we love working with them and highlight some of their top 2-channel audio products. But why settle for reading about it when you can experience it? Acoustic Design Group invites you to our state-of-the-art showroom in Scottsdale, AZ, featuring one of the few dedicated Focal by Naim demo rooms in the country where you can listen to their partnership firsthand.

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The Synergy of Focal & Naim

Founded in 1979 in Saint-Étienne, France, Focal has revolutionized the audio industry with its innovative speaker technology. Known for their patented Beryllium tweeters and ‘W’ composite sandwich cones, Focal offers a wide range of products, from high-fidelity speakers to car audio and professional studio monitors. 

Established in 1973 in Salisbury, England, Naim Audio has set the standard for high-end audio electronics. Their product line includes everything from amplifiers and preamplifiers to digital music players and AV receivers. Naim’s dedication to musical performance, demonstrated through their meticulous engineering and British craftsmanship, has earned them a loyal following among audio enthusiasts.

In 2011, Focal & Naim joined forces, becoming part of the same group, Vervent Audio Group. This merger allowed both companies to share technological resources and expertise, elevating their product lines and allowing for greater integration between the two companies. Together, they offer an audio experience that is both powerful and emotionally engaging, setting a new benchmark for what is possible in high-end 2-channel audio.

Focal Speakers: Spotlight on Utopia III Evo

Focal’s Utopia III Evo series is the epitome of acoustic excellence. These speakers feature Focal’s trademark Beryllium tweeter and ‘W’ composite sandwich cone for perfect sound neutrality. The Utopia III Evo series also offers a Power Flower magnet structure, reducing magnetic leakage and maximizing efficiency. Bi-amplification allows for greater personalization. Available in stylish metallic finishes, they’re a great addition to any stereo system. 

Naim Electronics: Spotlight on SUPERNAIT 3

Naim’s SUPERNAIT 3 amplifier is a marvel in high-end 2-channel audio. It features a Class A preamp output stage and built-in phono stage for access to turntables, CD players, and other music sources. Individually decoupled inputs reduce noise and interference for pure and uncolored sound. Its DR (Discrete Regulator) technology provides a stable power supply for greater smoothness. With a built-in headphone amplifier, you can switch to a more intimate listening experience anytime! 

The Value of Professional Expertise

Setting up a high-end 2-channel audio system is an act of love for tech-savvy audiophiles since it takes a lot of work. The complexities involved in achieving the perfect sound often require professional expertise. From calibrating the system to acoustic optimization, a professional consultation makes a world of difference. 


Ready to take the next step? Visit our state-of-the-art showroom and experience the magic in our dedicated Focal by Naim demo room. Call us or fill out our contact form to book a demo.