Audeze Mobius (ON DISPLAY)

Introducing the Audeze Mobius a first of its kind headphone. The Mobius has so many features, its going to be hard to fit it all on one page! The Mobius is a wireless planar magnetic headphone. But that is not all. It is also a planar magnetic gaming headphone with 7.1 surround and a revolutionary 3D mode that brings a fully immersive 3D cinematic experience and head-tracking technology (7.1 Surround is currently only available for PC and Mac, consoles are not supported at this time). On top of all that, when you want to listen to some tunes at your computer, the Mobius delivers. With the options to go wireless, listen to music, gaming and watching movies, and much more.

This product is only available by coming into our store or by calling us. To find out more about it, decide if it will work in your unique situation, or to make a purchase, please call us (888) 296-0950.



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