A home theater at Acoustic Designs Group Showroom with purple lighting, and in-ceiling and floorstanding speakers.

Experience the Powerhouse Home Theater Receiver—the MHT300

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McIntosh’s New Receiver Brings Surround Sound to the Next Level

Are you ready to take your home theater in Phoenix, AZ, to the next level? If so, you’ve picked the perfect time. In March 2023, McIntosh’s new home theater receiver emerged in all its glory, promising to improve your home cinema’s sound in unprecedented ways and redefine home entertainment. 

No piece of equipment in your home theater wears as many hats, and this receiver wears them all well. It’s the heart of your system, routing audio-video signals, driving the power for your surround sound, decoding the sound format, ensuring the right signal reaches the right speaker, and much more.

It’s the MHT300 Home Theater Receiver, and it delivers the power that McIntosh has long been known for. At Acoustic Designs Group, we’re proud to be a McIntosh dealer and offer a hands-on experience at our 7,500-square-foot showroom. We welcome you to stop by and immerse yourself in our home theater experience. But first, let’s explore why people who want the best surround sound are turning to the new MHT300.

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That one word sums up the new McIntosh home theater receiver. It’s a 7.2 channel powerhouse that offers 120-150 Watts of power to every speaker and supports surround sound audio formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. While other AV receivers list high watts per channel, these power ratings usually only apply to two channels. The MHT300 drives full power to all the speakers all the time. Additionally, two subwoofer outputs provide you with all the deep, bone-rattling bass you desire.

What does that mean to those looking for the best in-home entertainment? It translates to sound effects that are more real and immersive than ever before. The roar of the crowd, the screech of the tires, and the explosive fighter jets as they fly overhead all take on a new intensity. 

Live Room Correction

Room correction adjusts your speakers’ response, altering the sound they put out to minimize the effects of the room. McIntosh’s advanced, state-of-the-art Dirac Live Room Correction optimizes the sound quality using purpose-built audio algorithms and patented mixed-phase filter technology. You’ll find this correction solution in some of the world’s most exclusive home theaters and professional mixing studios.

The Image

The MHT300 supports up to 8K/60Hz and 4K/120Hz video, producing a lifelike image that looks as realistic as it sounds. It also supports Dolby Vision, HDR10+, and HLG formats.

Are you ready to experience the ultimate home theater entertainment? Of course, great audio must be heard to be believed. Visit our showroom and, in addition to the best home theater experience, take your time and spend a few hours in our headphone lounge or enjoy the seven demo sections of high-performance 2-channel audio and our latest Focal Powered by Naim section.

At Acoustic Designs Group, we’re a team of audio, video, and home automation experts that pride themselves on offering the best demo showroom in the Western United States. To learn more about the new MHT300 or to book a demo, contact Acoustic Designs Group today.