A bedroom at Acoustic Designs Group showroom illuminated in a blue hue with Ketra lighting.

The Four Reasons to Hire a Professional Lighting Designer

Kendall Clark Lighting Designer, Lighting Designer Scottsdale, AZ

Today’s Lighting Blends Cutting-Edge Technologies & Breathtaking Design

As a building contractor in Scottsdale, AZ, or a homeowner building your dream home, you work with plumbers, electricians, masons, painters, and a host of other subcontractors and specialists in their trade. One of the growing professionals playing a significant role in new builds is the lighting designer

To ensure optimum lighting, including the latest control and breathtaking illumination, these designers need to be involved from the project’s beginning. Let’s explore what makes lighting designers a critical component in today’s new homes.

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The New Standard – LED Lighting

Technology has changed every industry in the last decade, with lighting no exception. What was once customary—light switches for controls and soft or bright white lights for illumination—is no longer the standard for luxury homeowners. Today’s dynamic LED lighting offers millions of colors from one source, changed with the touch of a button. This allows users to change their lighting when relaxing, dining, having friends over, or hosting a pool party.

Providing the optimum in today’s lighting design requires using the latest innovations and staying current with industry changes. It involves using the most effective techniques and products to achieve the desired look and mood.  

Resort-Like Illumination & Wellness

Many of today’s homeowners seek resort-like spaces, a sanctuary providing incredible beauty, wellness, and transformational lighting. As a lighting designer with over 20 years of experience, Kevin Flower, co-owner of Acoustic Designs Group, understands temperature and hues and how materials react to different colors of light. Known for blending light with form, he considers one of the greatest compliments when a client can’t detect where a certain light is coming from. 

Kevin also specializes in the growing trend known as tunable lighting. Also called human-centric lighting, it promotes wellness by aligning the interior lights with the changing colors of daylight. This form of lighting directly impacts physical and mental well-being, promoting energy during the day and improved sleep patterns.

The Latest Lighting Control

Smart lighting control systems have revolutionized how we manage our lighting. Gone are the switches and dimmers, and in their place are elegant in-wall keypads custom engraved with a specific task. When it’s time for dinner, users press the “Dinner” button, and the lights throughout their home transform to programmed hues and temperatures. Every light can also be controlled from a touchscreen and remotely via a smartphone app.

Art & Science

Lighting design is both an art and a science, understanding physics and electricity and how to create a desired mood, enhance structures, and ensure the right type of lighting in every room and space. This type of integration requires working from the planning stages to completion. 

At Acoustic Designs Group, we blend function, form, and beauty, helping builders and homeowners create breathtaking lighting that’s effortless to control and enhances homeowners’ everyday lives. Kevin holds an LC credential from the National Council on Qualifications for Lighting Professions and has won several awards from the Illuminating Engineering Society.

Visit our 7,500-square-foot showroom to see the remarkable lighting technology available to homeowners today. To learn more about lighting design or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Acoustic Designs Group today.