Woman standing underneath a light in her home, controlling it from her tablet with a Lutron logo in the upper right corner.

Meet Your Home Lighting Needs with Lutron HomeWorks QSX

Kendall Clark Lutron HomeWorks QSX, Lutron HomeWorks QSX Phoenix, AZ

Customize Your Lights to Your Lifestyle and Personal Preferences, Resulting in Seamless Automation and Easy Living

Lutron HomeWorks QSX is the lighting control system you’ve been waiting for, allowing Phoenix, AZ, homeowners to operate their lights effortlessly and offering a wide range of impressive features.

If you’re ready to explore what QSX can do for your new build or renovation project, Acoustic Designs Group will help you discover the comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency of Lutron lighting. Keep reading to learn more about HomeWorks QSX, why you need it, and what it can do for you!

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Discover What Lutron Can Do for You

If you want to increase the overall efficiency in the design of a home, Lutron HomeWorks QSX is a fantastic addition. Let’s take a look at some of the key elements. 

Customizable Lighting Scenes

Lutron allows the creation of customized lighting scenes that homeowners can activate with the single press of a button. From parties to a family movie night, they can dim or brighten the lights and adjust lighting shades and colors for optimal ambiance. 

Remote Control

The Lutron app on any smart device lets homeowners control their lighting (scenes included) from anywhere. Remote access to their lights amps up their home security and provides peace of mind wherever they are, whether they’re down the street or halfway around the world. 

Energy Management and Efficiency

Lutron HomeWorks allows customers to manage energy consumption by setting lighting on specific, energy-friendly schedules and utilizing occupancy sensors to turn off the lights when a room is empty for too long while the lights are on. Not only will these features lower homeowners’ monthly energy bills, but they’ll also decrease their carbon footprints. 

Easy Integration

A professional can easily integrate Lutron with other smart home solutions, including security, heating and cooling, and AV systems. Lutron offers clients comfort in knowing that their products can be added later and seamlessly work with most existing automation. There’s no purchase urgency, though you’ll never regret a Lutron investment. 

Shading Control

The HomeWorks QSX system has shading control so that operating the lighting in a home is possible from more than one angle. Adjusting the window shades helps to manage the amount of natural light that streams into the home. When the lighting and shading are on a schedule that coincides, it can decrease energy usage and foster gorgeous lighting designs


This excellent Lutron system can expand, accommodating additional rooms through wired and wireless technology. It works well for homes of any size, easily adapting to remodels and home technology upgrades. 

Acoustic Designs Group and Lutron Lighting

Lutron HomeWorks QSX is a powerful, flexible lighting control system that can enhance any space’s comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency. When you choose Acoustic Designs Group, you’re selecting a Lutron supplier you can rely on, specializing in design, installation, quality, and support. Our client reputation speaks for itself, so please, book a demo today!