Outdoor patio area with in-ceiling speakers, couches, chairs, and an eye-catching wood ceiling

Enhance Outdoor Living with Coastal Source Speakers

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Choose This High-Performance Brand for Your Entertainment Spaces

Aptly named Paradise Valley, AZ, offers opulent residences with breathtaking natural landscapes. Incorporating outdoor audio systems into your outside entertainment areas can seamlessly combine relaxation, fun, and aesthetic appeal for luxury homeowners. 

When it comes to enhancing the listening experiences in these stunning spaces, high-end outdoor speakers are essential. This article explores several compelling reasons why you’ll want to consider a premium outdoor speaker setup in your backyard and patio spaces. Keep reading below to learn more about this unparalleled audio experience you can customize for yourself, your family, and your visitors.

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Immerse Yourself in Outdoor Sound

Imagine exceptional sound quality emanating from outdoor speakers that blend into your landscaping or are flush-mounted with the ceiling of the gazebo or porch awning. Immersive, high-quality audio is only as far away as your fingertips because all you need to do is press the Play button to experience your favorite music and TV sound. 

Experience Coastal Source

Designed specifically for outdoor environments, Coastal Source offers specialty-crafted speakers that maintain excellent audio reproduction even in open spaces. Whether hosting a lively pool party or enjoying a serene evening under the stars, the crisp sound transports listeners into movie scenes or to the front row of a concert. Choose from Bollards, Bullets, subwoofers, and more for a captivating auditory experience, no matter what you choose to listen to!

Endure the Elements

Our climate is characterized by sunny days, the occasional storm, and dry heat. Your sound system requires solutions built to withstand the test of time and Mother Nature without sacrificing performance. Premium brands like Coastal Source are constructed using robust weather-resistant plastics and corrosion-proof metals, so you can enjoy these speakers for years to come!

Personalized Aesthetics

Home solutions that seamlessly integrate with your overall design aesthetic are a must-have item! Premium Coastal Source speakers offer a range of customizable options that complement your preferences, from discreet in-ground speakers hiding amongst your flowerbeds and foliage to stylish above-ground models that make a bold design statement. These speakers are meant to be tailored to your unique property for the ideal ambiance and visual appeal.

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

Integrating outdoor speakers into your existing whole-home audio system is possible when working with a professional team like Acoustic Designs Group. Wired and wireless connections, programming, and system design are all considered for a comprehensive, flexible outdoor audio setup that’s intuitive and easy to use. Manage media selection via smartphones or voice control, or use a weather-resistant outdoor remote for easy system management of your outdoor audio experiences. 

Elevate Outdoor Lifestyle

Outdoor speakers do more than just deliver music; they transform your outdoor space into a vibrant hub of entertainment, relaxation, and socializing. With premium outdoor speakers, you can host unforgettable gatherings, enjoy movie nights under the stars, or simply unwind by the pool with your favorite playlist. 


Embrace the possibilities and create an outdoor audio paradise that offers endless enjoyment for you and your guests. Connect with our team here to get started!