TV with in-wall speakers mounted on the side, covered with James Loudspeaker grilles.

Hidden Audio Solutions That Let the Property Shine, Not the Tech

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Discover Technology That’s Meant to Be Heard But Not Seen

Take a moment to look around the typical home. If the homeowner is a fan of sports, movies, or music, or if they have children, then they likely have several TVs and speakers placed throughout the property, both indoors and outside. 

Though these look and sound great while in use, there’s a better method of incorporating technology into spaces so that the home’s interior design and architecture can stand out instead of the devices.

If you have a client looking to find an alternative to the big black rectangles and unnecessary speakers that glare back at them when not being used, then it’s time to consider hidden technology options for your client’s Phoenix, AZ, home. 

Keep reading below to discover what’s possible when you partner with a professional group of technology integration specialists like our team at Acoustic Designs Group.

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Small But Mighty Hidden Technology

Instead of dedicating valuable space to bookshelf speakers or even larger floor-standing models, simply look up to discover the possibilities! The Small Aperture (SA) line from James Loudspeaker brings comprehensive sound coverage to home areas and is installed in the ceilings or walls with a barely-visible 3-inch or 4-inch flush-mount opening. Mid-range and high frequencies are no match for this small but mighty speaker, and the compact subwoofer is powerful for bass notes down to 38 Hz.

Solutions as Unique as Every Homeowner

James Loudspeaker also offers fully customizable solutions to meet your design and space needs. Because the speaker enclosures are hand-made, custom fabrication for practically any size speaker system is possible. Imagine in-wall speakers placed to the sides of your wall-mounted UHD 4K TV display with specialty-milled grilles matching the wall finish around it. The result is an immersive viewing experience that doesn’t distract your eye with boring, black rectangle speakers, so your decor and the movie’s storyline can stand out instead.

Practically Invisible

Imagine being able to drywall over a speaker without experiencing degraded sound performance. Architectural speakers go a step further than ever with the Sonance Invisible series. Perfect for dining spaces and the living room, these speakers bring ambient music that emanates from the wall yet leaves no visual footprint. Wallpaper, paint, plaster, and wood veneer are just a few of the finishing materials that can be placed on top of the Sonance speaker grilles, making them become an invisible portion of the wall!

Take a Step Outside

Outdoor spaces don’t need to incorporate bold statement speakers if the homeowner doesn’t want them. Instead, James Loudspeaker’s Pendants are perfect for distributed audio inside or out and work perfectly for pergolas and high beams of a covered patio. This outdoor audio option hangs discreetly while providing versatility in 4-ohm or 70V configurations. With eight heavy powder coating options, there will surely be a perfect match for any homeowner’s style.  


If you’d like to incorporate some of these hidden technologies for your clients, visit our showroom or reach out to our team to start a conversation about your project needs. We can’t wait to meet you.