Photo of a hi-fi audio setup for consumer listening experience in a showroom.

Curious About Hi-Fi Audio? Wonder No More with Acoustics Design Group

Kendall Clark Hi-Fi Audio Showroom, Hi-Fi Audio Showroom, Scottsdale, AZ

Our Hi-Fi Audio Showroom Enables You to Experience Sound Like Never Before

It’s a challenge to compete with a Scottsdale, AZ, hi-fi audio showroom that allows its visitors to step into an experience from the moment they walk through the door. At Acoustic Designs Group, we’ve done just that, encouraging anyone considering home upgrades—from audio-video automation to networking—to stop in and see the results we deliver to our clients. 

Are you sick of the low-quality sound system in your home? Keep reading to uncover our comprehensive, fully functional showroom’s hi-fi and 2-channel audio setups!

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Experience the Glory of Hi-Fi Audio 

If you’re new to the world of hi-fi audio, let us reassure you that while it may sound like it, it is not reserved for dedicated audiophiles only. “Hi-fi” stands for “high-fidelity,” so hi-fi audio accurately reproduces sound with high quality and fidelity. It’s as close as possible to the original recording as possible, eliminating distortion. 

You can experience listening spaces dedicated to hi-fi audio in our Scottsdale showroom. Within moments, you’ll discover the outstanding frequency response, dynamic range, impeccably low distortion, and a sense of imaging and soundstage for a concert-esque encounter

Discover 2-Channel Audio with Acoustic Designs Group

Need to familiarize yourself with 2-channel audio? You’ll find that the concepts of 2-channel and hi-fi are connected but are by no means interchangeable. While “hi-fi” is essentially an adjective for a type of sound, 2-channel audio is an audio system consisting of two main channels of audio output. 

In short, it involves a setup with two speakers, one for the left channel and one for the right. This configuration, available for clients to try out in our showroom, provides an extremely effective means of audio reproduction.

You can find 2-channel audio in various forms, including stereo systems, bookshelf speakers, soundbars, and headphones. It allows for the spatial separation of sound between the left and right channels, creating a more immersive listening experience than mono (one-channel) audio.

With an Acoustic Designs Group 2-channel audio setup, each channel carries a different part of the audio signal, localizing sounds and instruments. Listeners will experience an accurate representation of the original recording across every genre of music—making it hi-fi! 

Most of our clients utilize 2-channel audio for music listening, but they can shine in a home theater, primarily when paired with additional speakers for surround sound processing!

Find the Perfect Audio for Your Space

The best way to determine the type of audio you’d like in your home is to come out and listen for yourself. The Acoustic Designs Group team offers expertise and an unparalleled showroom experience. If you’re ready to elevate your space from a sound perspective, book a demo with us today!