Acoustic Designs Group showroom featuring a sitting area with LED lighting and a flat-screen TV.

Experience the Power of Luxury Lighting Design

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Turn Your Home into an Oasis with the Help of a Certified Lighting Designer

As an architectural lighting design and automation firm serving Phoenix, AZ, for 17 years, we’ve watched homeowners’ visions transform. Lighting has gone from a practical way to see in the dark to an expertly designed palette. Homeowners want beautiful, retreat-like spaces where lighting takes center stage in varying colors, hues, and intensities. Soft and bright white lights have transcended to amethyst, indigo, and azure. 

There is a reason why photographers and cinematographers spend so much time perfecting the lighting—it enhances the subject’s features and creates the desired atmosphere and mood in a way that no other element can. In a home, professional luxury lighting design does the same, challenging spaces to reveal their best selves while setting the desired mood and tone. Keep reading below for more.

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A luxurious home theater with comfy seats and a large screen.

Work with a Home Theater Designer to Deliver Custom Cinemas to Your Clients

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Bring Stunning Audiovisuals & Immersion to Your Projects

Over the years, luxury home theaters have become increasingly popular among homeowners. With private theaters in their own homes, it eliminates the hassle of getting out to the local cinema and, instead, staying in and enjoying a customized, immersive viewing experience.

You can create this cinematic atmosphere for your Scottsdale, AZ clients when you work with a professional home theater designer like Acoustic Designs Group. Our trusted home theater design services and solutions will help you provide a high-end, custom cinema setup for your clients.

Want to learn more about our installation process and how it can work for your home-builds? Keep reading below to learn what components we prioritize with every project.

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One of the audio displays at Acoustic Designs Group 7,500 square-foot showroom.

How Do You Define High-Fidelity Audio?

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Enjoy Every Bit of Detail in Your Favorite Songs with Our HiFi Audio Solutions

High-fidelity (hi-fi) audio refers to the pure and accurate reproduction of sound. The original recording is faithfully reproduced, which means you’re listening to music as the artist and studio producers intended. 

A hi-fi audio system offers the cleanest, least distorted listening experience. It takes you to center stage, immersing you in the sound field where every note is crisp and clear. You lose yourself in every guitar riff, vocal, and drum beat, experiencing it as if at a live recording or sitting in the studio. 

How do you know when you’re listening to hi-fi quality music? When you listen to your favorite recording, the on you’ve heard a hundred times before, it will be as if you’re hearing it for the first time. 

Are you ready to enjoy high-performance audio throughout your home in Phoenix, AZ? Keep reading down below to learn more about the ultimate listening experience!

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Acoustic Designs Open House

Acoustic Designs Group Blog

With the 2020 season of events kicking off in North Scottsdale Acoustic Designs opens it’s Showroom as a gathering place.  Barrett-Jackson sold over 1900 vehicles this year for nearly $130 Million.  Over 700,000 golf fans hit the links to watch Webb Simpson take home $7.3 Million with top honors.  Acoustic Designs provided refreshments, reserved parking and a shuttle service to and from the TPC of Scottsdale to help our friends and clients enjoy the experience.  To top that off, ADG threw a Super Bowl Extravaganza that was well attended with fun had by all!

Remember to stay in touch, with all the upcoming events such as the Arabian Horse Show, Celebration of Fine Art, the 67th annual Parada Del Sol rodeo and Scottsdale Western Week to mention just a few, Acoustic Designs Showroom makes for a great destination to explore premium listening experiences, lighting and shade designs, seamless automation and spectacular video.

Our Showroom can be found at 16074 N 78th St, #B104 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 – We look forward to seeing you!


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Ever hear the adage “What was old, is new again”?  So true in the 2-Channel world with vinyl’s, turntables, speakers, headphones, amplifiers and the like.  In the ’80s and ’90s, culture was going from the big boom box to getting tunes on your watch.  The mad rush to be as small as possible left a lot to be desired as technology strained to keep up with the quality of the original piece.  Fast forward as an entire generation learned that newer is not always better after listening to the same song on vinyl versus a digital download.  Luckily, sound engineers and technology have advanced to provide a balanced solution.  But, let’s be real nothing compares to a real cool turn table in your music room that also delivers the whole package.  

Visit Acoustic Designs Showroom to enjoy a demo in our dedicated listening rooms.

~EjZ Audio Lifestyler  



Acoustic Designs Group Blog

Now you see it, now you don’t.  Now you hear it, and now you really hear it.  While flat-panel televisions are the norm in most homes and commercial buildings; it is now not uncommon to guess where it might be in the room.  No longer, “Where is Waldo?” or artwork covering the family jewels.  In today’s modern home the design possibilities are endless due to the flat panel display and the high tech quality of sound and picture. 

I am mesmerized by the flat panel televisions that literally disappear in a room along with the Planar video walls which must be active 24/7.  It has been said women tend to prefer the disappearing tv but let’s be authentic as it is 2019 and many of the cosmopolitan men who enter our showroom love the discreetness just the same.  If you have 16 games to watch at the same time Planar would be the best choice for you or if you want a crystal clear fishbowl as if you were the fish – nothing compares.  And, if you do not want anyone to know where this beauty is … you dream it, we design it.

Visit Acoustic Designs Showroom to enjoy a demo in our dedicated listening rooms.

~EjZ Audio Lifestyler 

Got Amp

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Okay, we know….you “I” gens (Internet generation) have understood technology since the day you were born but for the rest of us let’s talk Amps.  The previous blog, “Feeling Hi-Res” summarized how music from the Internet is compressed or squeezed down to make the files compatible with our devices such as phones, computers, and the like.   The quality of headphones is a significant factor but one must also consider the amplifier to fully engaged in the original masterpiece.    The degree to which it is heard will depend on the device selected.  Each offers a different satisfaction; Chord Mojo, Audioquest Dragonfly, and countless others.

Visit Acoustic Designs Showroom to enjoy a demo in our dedicated listening rooms.

 ~EjZ Audio Lifestyler


Feeling Hi-Res

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Music streaming has renewed great interest in home audio but does the digital sound evoke the same feelings as what you used to play in the “old days” when raging at your party with the speakers to the max?

Much of the music available on the Internet is compressed or squeezed, to make the files smaller and more manageable. Music streaming is convenient, yet many of the subtle – yet critical – instrumental and vocal nuances of the original recording get squeezed out in the process. When this occurs, we have lost the artist’s original intention and power of the piece. Cutting edge data-packing technologies have kept up with the Hi-Res audio. When married with high-performance audio components, you create the best of both worlds: the simplicity and convenience of streaming music along with the best listening experience around.

Now is the time to treat your ears and all your guests to the glory and gusto of hi-res music. In addition to top-quality tracks, you need the right equipment configured and set up properly—to bring it together.  Step 1 Speakers!    

Visit Acoustic Designs Showroom to enjoy a demo in our dedicated listening rooms. 


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Seeing the Light